Over the last years we have published a number of articles on change management, the role of the change manager, the role of supervisors, training supervisors, etc....

A selection are listed below.
  1. When major change is in the offing, the first step for many organisations is to appoint a permanent change manager or, alternatively, hire an external consultant. But there are many reasons why this might not be the best route to go - and is unlikely to deliver the best result. The enhanced role of the interim manager is shown to be far superior to either of the alternatives. Can a Change Manager be on the Payroll?
  2. The rational case for change in any environment is relatively easy to build. The majority of senior managers, as well as many of those supervisors below, can readily build the case. However, it is less the rational case than the emotional case that throws even the same supervisor or manager when faced with change himself. By harnessing this emotional power the transformation and change process pushed towards success. Successful Transformation Relies on the Emotional case as well as the Rational 
  3. How should a new supervisor, first-time manager behave in the new role? The raise is nice, you feel the same, co-workers congratulated you, maybe there were a few speeches and a cake and coffee. Now they are all waiting. You feel a bit anxious. So, what does being a Supervisor or Manager really entail?

    What just changed? What are you going to say? How are you going to act? How have other people found the change? What advice would they give?

    This article provides the primary answers to these and other questions that are in the mind of every new manager and it is imperative to work through when coaching a new, first-time supervisor. 11 Rules and 2 Laws for a First Time Supervisor.

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