We pride ourselves on the legal-analytical services we provide, especially in the areas of all aspects of comparative analysis of legislation affecting corporate decision making.

Considering a plant move, a plant closure, new business directions or projects across country borders, we provide legislative comparisons so you avoid the pitfalls.

Considering commercial risks, corporate and directors' liabilities for Health and Safety, or the implications of legality of decisions, even as far as criminal liabilities, we can provide not only cross-border analysis, but also obtain full local input and clarification through our extensive network.

Research and Analysis has been carried out for a number of entities, mostly in the private sector, but also in the public sector. We operate strict confidentiality

A selection of recent work:
  • Major UK plc - comparative review of HR legislation UK/Poland/Ukraine
  • Major UK plc - comparative review of Employment and Trades Union Legislation UK/Poland/Russia/Ukraine
  • Major UK plc - comparative legal review of pay scales, unemployment and historical employment data EU/Poland/Ukraine/Turkey
  • Serbian private company - study of commercial codes in Germany/ France/ UK as preparation for starting commercial operations in EU
  • Croatian company - production of General Commercial Terms and Conditions of Business valid for EU, especially Germany (accepted by major German plc as superior to their own)
  • Canadian company’s UK subsidiary - legal review of relative advantages of the Free Trade Agreements Serbia/Russia, Serbia/Ukraine and Serbia/Turkey with regard to product and service sourcing
  • UK Public Service (Chief Executive) - comparative studies on forthcoming legislation and its impact on the services provided and the service levels expected
  • Advice on legal methods of closure of French and German plants for US client and sale of real estate following transfer of production out of country
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