We have partnered over the last years with one of the most successful financial transition organisations - FRP Transitions, part of FRP Advisory LLP.

As a result we have access to a partner who can support us and provide a wide range of restructuring and insolvency services.

Refinancing and raising debt

Personal introductions can open doors as funds rely on firms such as FRP for deal flow. Through us, FRP are available to make personal introductions for you on larger transactions to the investor community. FRP also has a subsidiary undertaking called First Financial. Wholly owned by FRP, First Financial has been helping smaller companies find finance for over twenty years. Contact us to set up a no commitment first meeting with First Financial - click here.

Due diligence

FRP undertakes due diligence pre- and post-acquisition, giving investors and lenders confidence to commit time and money to you. Bringing us alongside can complement your work, save time, money and increase certainty. We often structure complex transactions on a fully contingent basis.

IT Consulting

FRP has one of the most highly qualified individuals in IT, who regularly assists on our projects in setting up bespoke systems or in reconfiguring existing systems. Mark was recently invited to silicon valley to test Microsoft’s newest project software.

IBR alternatives

As interim managers we appreciate the value of early engagement with the client's bank. Similarly we know when a bank is likely to bring in independent advisers. FRP is on the panels of four of the major UK banks and all of the asset based lenders know them well. These relationships can yield exceptional value for our clients.

Cash planning and crisis management

As all the banks know FRP, when a business gets into trouble the credibility of the team becomes of heightened importance. Working together on a rescue might not be the cheapest option, but it is likely to provide you with the most successful outcome.


Rapid exit management, either to a distressed funder, a trade buyer or to management through a pre-packaged insolvency are all processes where we assist you, the business leader, to stay in control. A chat in confidence could short cut a hugely uncertain process.

Final Salary Pensions

Gerald Smith in the FRP Birmingham office is an acknowledged expert and advises UK and foreign companies with UK subsidiaries on how best to proceed. Contact us to set up counseling to solve your difficulties in this area.

By now, you will have noticed that these services are arranged broadly in order of increasing distress. That is ultimately where FRP operates.

Take this one thought with you while you look for help – Success has a thousand fathers but failure is a lonely orphan.

In the event that you find yourself acting in the lonely zone of uncertainty – feel free to call us at any time. Click here for our contact details.

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