June 2020. As Coronavirus results continue to damage companies, PD is stepping up with Crisis Recovery strategies for the SMEs that we are dealing with.


April 2020. PD partners with Iwunze of Green Collins, for funding special projects internationally as well as researching and obtaining oil and gas supplies (O&G), difficult to find minerals and benefication and extraction machinery and plant.


December 2019. Once again PD partners with the EBRD to provide Lean Enterprise expertise to GRC, the leading roofing and building materials supplier in Georgia, to streamline operations in their manufacturing operations for roofing trusses and materials.


2017 - 2018 PD provides the project management to Unipart plc for major lean process improvement - introducing TPS to DS Smith paper mills in Germany and France.


April 2014. PD Ltd provides the in-country Project Manager for ABB's World Bank funded project to rebuild and expand the HVDC power line from Inga Falls to Kolwezi in Democratic Republic of Congo. The difficult project was then completed on time and budget in December 2016.


January 2012 .PD confirms its continuing 6 year membership in the leading independent Interim Management and Transformation Executive network. More...

December 2011. PD teams with the most innovative member-operated network for Turnaround and Transformation in the UK, offering services globally.More...

January 2011. PD teams with Eridamus Invest of the Czech Republic to expand its offering in the area of project management and corporate employment technical risk assessment and mitigation.

January 2010. PD legal analyst carries out legal review of relative advantages of the Free Trade Agreements Serbia/Russia, Serbia/Ukraine and Serbia/Turkey with regard to product and service sourcing for a Canadian/UK trading company.

November 2009. PD legal analyst carries out project for major UK plc, household name, on comparative HR legislation covering Employment and Trades Union Legislation in UK/Poland/Russia/Ukraine. This assisted the decision making on location for a new facility.

July 2009. PD Ltd sign deal to be able to connect its clients with the most advanced and progressive financing opportunites. Where the traditional Banks and Lenders will only lend on their own terms, and you, the client, have to accept this on their terms, the PD Ltd offering will connect Borrowers and Lenders to Contrarian™ Financing solutions where the Lender proposes the amount, the period and the interest rate. Now that really is novel and a Contrarian way of thinking. To find out more just send us an email to info@prosperity-development.co.uk

February 2009. PD Ltd is proud to associate and continue its relation ship with 1and1 hosting. The work we carry out in Eastern Europe leads to the creation of other websites and it is in this arena that we find the work done by 1and1 to reduce energy consumption important. In their own words: "1&1 is proud to be the first large web host who relies solely on renewable energy. At 1&1 we believe in a sustainable society for all and that every business has a role in this responsibility. We have therefore made a strong commitment to fight pollution and preserve our natural resources. 1&1 now uses wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS)." As we rework the various pages of our site, we will include the 1and1 Green Sign.

September 2008. TT turn-around project Metaloprerada in Serbia supply completely re-manufactured circular finned tube heat exchanger for hydro-electric plant in Bosnia. The original 3.5m diameter heat exchanger had originally

been produced some 30 years ago by GE in the USA. Metaloprerada duplicated the original using their own developed aluminium on copper finned tube.

May 2008. TT/AB turn-around project - the specialist valve manufacturer, TermoventSC in Serbia, wins Best Exporter 2007, making this the second year running that they win this accolade from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Once more the competition was fierce with the winner coming top out of 1000 SME companies.

November 2007. PD Ltd specialists TT and AB demonstrate a one-piece flow system for producing confectioned chains at SILA AD. The one-piece flow reduces the time for cutting and fitting the ends of the chain from 34 seconds per chain to 4.2 seconds - a reduction of over 87%. The error (reject) rate for fitting wrong ends to the chains is reduced from over 10% to zero! Work in process is reduced by 80%.

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